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Nine Driving Range Tips for Golfers

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photo of my golf bag propped up on a stand at a driving range with a pyramid of golf balls next to my bag. My driver head cover is Sid the Sloth.
Driving Range, Black Bear Ridge Golf Resort

Step-by-Step: My Driving Range Practice Plan

I get a great deal of pleasure out of hitting balls at a driving range. It is perfect for those days when you don’t have enough time to play 18 holes. My visits to the range usually last one to two hours.

After stretching and limbering up, I start by hitting 10 balls with each club, starting with my sand wedge and working my way up from there. After SW, I hit my GW, PW, 9, 8,7,6,5, and 4 iron. If things are going well, I continue with my 5 wood and 3 wood, and finally, I hit my driver.

Don’t Forget Chipping and Putting

After hitting balls at the range, I move over to the practice green to work on my chipping and putting. I have a little game that I play that makes this part of practice lots of fun.

This game requires three golf balls. The object of the game is to get all three balls up & down. This meant that each practice hole was a par two.

I initially had a rule that I could not advance to the next hole until I parred the hole I was playing with all three balls. I changed that rule very quickly as I discovered I was having great difficulty moving from hole to hole quickly enough.

The new rule was that I kept moving from hole to hole and tracked my score. To date, I have yet to par this imaginary par-two practice course, but I am getting close. Next season for sure! (I hope)

In 2023, I Saw the Light. There Is Still Hope For 2024

At the beginning of the 2023 golf season, I was determined to improve my golf swing so that I had some semblance of distance and direction control. To achieve this goal, I required proper golf lessons and needed to spend more time practicing.

The course that I enjoy playing at the most, the Magee Championship Course at Black Bear Golf Resort, offered a new type of membership in 2023 called The Academy Membership. I purchased that membership in 2023 and again in 2024.

As a member of Black Bear’s Academy, I enjoy a monthly one-hour private coaching session with one of Black Bear’s CPGA Certified Golf Pros, unrestricted access to the Academy’s par-three short course, and unlimited use of the driving range and additional practice facilities. The membership also granted me a monthly round of 18 holes on Black Bear’s esteemed Magee Championship Course, complete with an electric cart.

My coach/golf instructor, Ben, has helped me a great deal with my swing which has given me more confidence while playing a round.

Here are Nine Driving Range Drills That Will Help Your Game

Alignment Drill: Place an alignment stick on the ground parallel to your target line. Use a second alignment stick to ensure your feet, hips, and shoulders are parallel to the first stick.

Ball Position Drill: Practice hitting shots with different ball positions (forward, centre, and back) to understand the impact on trajectory and ball flight.

Impact Bag Drill: Use an impact bag to practice your downswing and impact position. This helps promote a proper release and prevents casting.

Weight Transfer Drill: Focus on weight transfer during your swing. Start with 60% of your weight on your back foot at address and shift your weight forward during the downswing.

Swing Plane Drill: Use an alignment stick or a golf club to visualize and practice your swing plane. This helps ensure a consistent swing path.

Clubhead Awareness Drill: Practice swinging with your eyes closed to develop a better feel for the clubhead and its position throughout the swing.

Under The Arm Drill: Put a headcover, towel, or golf glove under your arm closest to the target. Practice swinging without dropping the object. It is okay if the object drops during your follow-through.

Half-Swing Drill: Take half swings to work on control and consistency. This helps with balance and ensures you have a solid foundation for a full swing.

Chipping and Pitching Practice: Spend time working on your short game. Chipping and pitching are crucial for saving strokes around the green.

I hope these driving range practice tips help you on your journey to mastering the wonderful game of golf.

If you ever get it figured out, do tell.

Stay Safe, Stay Well, and Have Fun

Tip of the day: Keep your head down and put a nice smoothy on it.


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